Services Offered

Concrete Lifting

Concrete lifting is the process of returning your settled concrete slabs as close to original grade or desired grade as possible. Hotspray utilizes the best high density expanding polymers (HDEP) available on the market today to facilitate lift with a high degree of accuracy.

HDEP’s provide consistent longlasting results. They have compressive strengths which range from 28 psi up to and passing 240 psi installed. Materials are selected according to the slabs to be lifted and their designed use. Material selection is also based on other factors such as presence of large voids, soil conditions, specialized use and presence of water.

Prior to any lifting operation, a thorough site assessment is completed to identify cause, determine access to the site, estimate the material quantities and type of material to be used, check for utilities or other hazards in the area and determine what processes will be necessary to provide a long lasting repair. It is at this time owners are informed of any additional evaluation or testing that would be required to determine cause or other method of remediation outside of the scope of Hotspray’s services.

Once an assessment has been made a quote will be provided to the owner for review and acceptance within 48 hours.

The lifting process involves drilling small diameter holes, 3/8 in. or 5/8 in. in strategic locations for lifting. Guides and measuring devices are used to gauge slab movement and elevation. It may be necessary during lifting operations to saw cut joints which are binding or develop aggregate lock from loose material in the joint. Once lifting operations are complete, additional holes are drilled to void fill and underseal the slab which fully supports the slab. Cure times for most materials are 90% cured in 15 minutes and 100% cured in under an hour.

We do not require customers to move equipment, racks or stock during lifting operations with the exception of areas where access ports must be drilled and personnel are afforded room to work. Where cold joints are located we may advise moving stock to prevent exposure to material which may exit through joints to the surface.

Upon completion of void filling the site is cleaned up, drilled port holes are filled using an appropriate material and an acceptance walk-thru is completed with the owner or owner’s designated representative.