Services Offered

Concrete Stabilization

Concrete stabilization is performed when slabs develop small to large areas of void which are noticeable when live loads move across joints from panel to panel. Often called “tipping panels” these slabs don’t show signs of settlement but noticeable movement occurs when a forklift, truck or other piece of heavy equipment rolls over them.

Tipping panels should be repaired as soon as they are discovered to prevent damage to the slab and the equipment which rolls over it.

These repairs are easily made with little interruption to owner’s operations and treated areas are returned to service as soon as our crew cleans up and removes equipment.

This type of issue usually arises from uneven compaction during construction and is a common issue in warehouses and manufacturing plants.

In some cases, isolated slabs designed for equipment mounting require stabilization in order to prevent undesired movement. Depending on the size of equipment and how its movement affects the isolated slab, a process and material will be selected which addresses all aspects of the problem. Testing of the repair can be done during application to determine success of the repair.

Void fill stabilization of slabs is an option when erosion has occurred due to water main breaks, scouring from wave action or flooding and settlement due to poor compaction during construction.