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Crack Repair & Caulking

Cracks are always present in concrete whether visible or not. Some occur during the curing process, especially in large pours. Others are caused by settlement or live load under partially supported concrete.

Regardless of cause, cracks allow water to pass from the surface to subsoils and, under hydrostatic pressure, through the slab to its surface. This occurs in slabs on grade, below grade, vertical and horizontal.

There are many methods available to make crack repairs and selection of materials and process is dictated by several variables. Your Hotspray Representative will determine the proper course to follow in making these repairs specific to your situation.

Caulking of joints prevents water from reaching the soils below your hard surfaces which can cause soils to settle or migrate. Voids are created when water is allowed to continually travel below slabs, destabilizing them and creating conditions favorable for slab failure.

Maintaining control over water infiltration through cracks by having repairs made in a timely fashion is the most cost effective way of reducing the likelihood of settlement. Hotspray offers caulking and crack repair as standalone services or as part of lifting and stabilization projects.

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