Services Offered

Structural Stabilization

In structural stabilization, the goal is to prevent future settlement in a compromised structure. No attempt to lift the structure is made.

Only under some very limited scenarios should an attempt be made to lift structure with foam. In most cases the cause of settlement involves unstable soils which reach depths beyond the effective range of foams making it either ineffective or cost prohibitive.

Compaction grouting using cementicious materials is very effective in stabilizing soils at depth and is commonly used around dams, footings of large structures and sinkholes. It is a proven practice and accepted by the engineering community as a best practice.

Other methods such as mechanical means including piers, micro-piles or other appropriate means of underpinning structures should be utilized as a permanent repair.

Please note that any and all attempts to lift or alter structure in the State of Florida require design and sign off by a licensed engineer. Structural stabilization is typically an attempt to keep a problem from getting worse until a proper repair can be designed and implemented.