Hotspray currently serves the following Markets:

Airports – Runways, Tarmacs, Walking Surfaces, Support Equipment Slabs

Ports – Seawalls, Industrial Rail Leads, Dock Areas, Dry Docks, Tanks

Theme Parks - Pedestrian areas, Support Equipment Slabs, Warehouses, Production Areas

Local, County, State and Federal Government Entities - Court Houses, Schools, Libraries, Police and Fire, Infrastructure, Bridges and Culverts, Water Utilities

Hotel, Restaurant and Retail Industry – Walking and Entry Areas, Parking Areas, Seawalls, Pools

Warehouse/Distribution Centers – Interior/Exterior Slabs and Panels

Truck Stops and Gas Stations – Parking and Fueling Areas, Walkways

Agriculture – Grain Bin Pads, Grain Storage Facilities

Manufacturing – Vibration Mitigation, Interior/Exterior Slabs and Panels, Infrastructure Repair

Electrical Utilities – Pole Setting/Straightening, Plant Driving, Walking and Ground Level Work Areas

Pipeline – Trench Break and Bedding, Abandonment