Our Approach

Hotspray's Geotechnical Division offers over 10 years of industry experience in the concrete lifting, soil stabilization and structural stabilization industry.

Our Focus

Commercial and industrial clients are supported by our team of well trained and experienced technicians. Our team works regularly in environments where safety and professionalism are a must. Our employees receive training in Confined Space, Fall Protection, Powered lift and OSHA 10 or 30 hour as required to maintain currency. 

We provide services to the commercial and industrial sectors in Florida from our home base in Orlando, FL. Our service area includes all of Florida from Pensacola to the Florida Keys.

Our Geotechnical Division specializes in the use of high density polymers for the purposes of concrete lifting, soil stabilization, structural stabilization and seawall repair.

While we are in the “polyjacking” business, we believe that High Density Expanding Polymers are a very versatile tool with a variety of uses but they are not necessarily the only tool required to execute high quality repairs. We work with engineers and other specialized contractors when necessary to ensure your repair is done correctly the first time.

Our Goals

To provide the highest quality services available with the least disruption to your operations. We provide after hour and weekend services to fit your schedule and keep you informed and involved from the planning stages to project completion. 

To educate engineers and clients in the appropriate uses for high density expanding polymers and permeation grouts, as well as, crack repair methods and surface repairs for concrete slabs.

To build long term relationships with our customer base and professionals in the Civil, Structural and Geotechnical Engineering disciplines.

To build confidence in the materials and processes we utilize with the knowledge that they are utilized appropriately or not at all.

Our Story

Our Story

Every business has a beginning, and this beginning starts with 7 years working for the company that introduced geotechnical foams and application methods to the US and 3 years in the employ of the oldest manufacturer of geotechnical foams in the country.

The experience gained and education received working for these firms affords us a unique place in our industry.

With the support of a highly respected team involved in structural coatings industry, we are evolving into a company which can offer turnkey services to a wide customer base in the Commercial and Industrial sectors.


Hotspray Industrial Coatings Geotechnical Division

Steve Gibbs has worked in every aspect of the concrete lifting and soil stabilization business since 2007. He has consulted and worked on projects around the country and designed repairs using high density polymers for the Rail, Energy, Transportation and Agricultural industries.

He was an instructor for NCFI's Team Terrathane Grout School and performed as a field trainer for contractors in the geotechnical foams industry. In 2018 he attended the Colorado School of Mines Grouting Short Course and has received training in the use of a variety of chemical grouts including plural component pour and spray foams, permeation and hydrophilic grouts, as well as, crack and spall repair materials.


Steve Gibbs

Division Manager

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High Density Expanding Polymer is a highly versatile tool which, when used properly, can be useful by itself or in conjunction with other forms of remediation to provide a long lasting reliable repair. To learn more, please contact Steve Gibbs for a presentation of Hotspray's services or an educational presentation about these materials and their many uses.