Manufacturing & Production

Maintain your productivity with minimal disruption to operations. Let us show you how Hotspray can lift and stabilize your concrete, remediate vibration issues which throw off calibration in sensitive equipment and provide resurfacing options which meet your specific needs. Contact us to learn more about how our services can add years of life to your plant without shutting it down.

Hospitals & Long Term Care Facilities

Hospitals and Long Term Care Facilities face challenges in maintaining safe walking surfaces for their clients. Hotspray can eliminate trip hazards on your property bringing your sidewalks and entrance into ADA compliance with little to no disruption to your operations and your clients.

Property Management

Whether you manage 1 property or 25, you need a solution to keep your customer's interior and exterior hard surfaces in serviceable condition as well as maintain private infrastructure on the properties you manage. Learn more about how Hotspray can help you build a plan to keep maintenance costs in check and your clients happy.


Keep your patrons safe and reduce your liability by removing trip hazards around your place of business. Our repairs are aesthetically pleasing and we work around your businesses hours of operation. Need food grade, non-slip floor treatments? Hotspray can stabilize your concrete and provide you with floor coatings that meet USDA and OSHA compliant coatings for years of trouble free service.

Commercial Real Estate

Trying to sell your commercial property in a highly competitive market? Invest in floor stabilization and coatings to sway buyers your way. Sell your property faster and at a higher price when prospective buyers see a gem instead of a project. When you're up against new construction, you need every advantage you can get. Our services will add significant value and return on investment.

Warehouse & Distribution Centers

Trucks, trains and forklifts are very hard on your hard surfaces. We can show you how to build a cost effective plan to keep your loading areas and interior spaces in service without interrupting your operations. Best of all, we don't require you to move stock or equipment except where necessary to access drill points saving you time and money.


Budgeting for repairs

For every repair you have to make there is a magic number that you will end up paying. Whether you make that payment one time or work your way up to it, you'll get there.

Take control and have your repairs done right the first time. We work with our customers to ensure repairs are as non-disruptive to their operations as possible. If your doors aren't open, you're not making money.

Give us a call to learn more about how we can work together to resolve your issues the right way the first time.

Knowledge is gold. . .

When you contact us for an estimate, we will ask a lot of questions prior to submitting our quote for repairs. We want to ensure we have covered every base and get the repair done right the first time. We want to make sure our work doesn't compromise any of your mechanicals, plantings or structure. The most important step we take is to determine the cause of the issue at hand. Without determining cause, any attempt at repair can easily go awry. Resolving issues of settlement, voids, vibration, or tipping panels will only work when cause is addressed.

You may have to bring in additional contractors to do work before or after we do ours in order to address the conditions which brought you to us in the first place. We will let you know what you need to do and who you need to talk to for additional repairs.

Water Main

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