State, County, Municipal


Hotspray uses the highest quality chemical grouts and best industry practices in concrete lifting/stabilization, structural stabilization and void filling to provide our customers with the least disruptive and fastest concrete repairs in our industry.
Coupled with our Industrial Coatings Division, we provide turnkey concrete repair services that last for years.
Hotspray offers a wide variety of services to Government customers and we look forward to listening to your needs as well as your expectations. We understand the fiscal responsibility Public Works Departments have and are prepared to help keep projects on time and on budget.
With our aging infrastructure putting a major burden on taxpayer dollars, it’s time to explore simple cost effective ways to give new life and reliability to the backbone of our cities. Call for an educational presentation to learn how your City, County or State owned infrastructure can gain years of service life.


Sidewalks to Runways

Military installations have many needs when it comes care of concrete. Every base is a miniature city. From sidewalks to runways and living quarters to maintenance hangars, there are a wide variety of services required to keep operations running smoothly.

Whether it's infrastructure work, ADA compliance or an unstable section of runway, Hotspray is prepared to assist in helping our Armed Forces in maintaining 100% operational status.

Because our stabilization process does not require excavation and our materials have rapid cure times, return to service of treated areas is faster than traditional remove and replace. Our small footprint means minimal interruption to daily operations and our ability to stop and restart work with little notice gives flexibility in a highly fluid environment.

We at Hotspray Industrial Coatings would like to thank the men and women of the United States Armed Forces, both current and past, for their service to our Country.