Property Managers now have a reliable partner to help their clients resolve settled and unstable concrete issues. Our services are quick clean and come with the best warranty for workmanship and materials in Florida. Because our working footprint is so small, your client’s operations continue virtually uninterrupted. We service manufacturing plants, warehouse/distribution centers, retail outlets.

Trip hazards are easily removed with no grinding. Repairs are fast and treated areas returned to service once our crew has cleared equipment.  See our A.D.A. Compliance page for guidelines on changes in level.

Tipping panels can be stabilized and returned to as designed service within 30 minutes of application.

Voids are filled in order to re-support concrete and eliminate vibration.

Settled concrete is lifted as close to original grade as possible and returned to as designed service within an hour of application.

Private Infrastructure can be sealed and stabilized preventing infiltration/exfiltration of water. Erosion around sub-grade structures can be stabilized to prevent future damage under driving surfaces protecting them as well.

We do not require the removal of load from areas to be treated except as is necessary for access for drilling and material application. In fact, we prefer to have load in place. This means less interruption to your client’s operations and minimal inconvenience.

We do not charge for site visits to assess conditions for bids. When deemed necessary, we will assess whether or not an engineer needs to be involved in the repair design process. This is often the case in structural stabilization projects.


Hotspray Industrial Coatings offers a number of additional services including:

  • Commercial Painting
  • Polyurea Coatings
  • Media & Specialty Blasting
  • Floor Surface Grinding
  • Caulking
  • Crack Injection/Repair
  • Floor Resurfacing/Coating (includes floor grade)